About Us

Afrikan Republic began in 2003. The company mission is to bring natural skin care to people within the African American community. In 2014, the founders moved to a different location and a different life. But the mission lives on.

In 2015, the operations were taken over by a new team of passionate followers. The products originally created by the founders are now all in stock; shipping is now faster; and other natural remedies have been added as well.

Many customer ideas for improvements have been made. We are very proud of what Afrikan Republic has become, and hope to have the chance to serve you, too.

There are also many newer natural discoveries that have been been perfected for our customers and by our customers. Nourish your body naturally without harmful chemicals. New ideas from some other suppliers have also been added to keep your search for more ideas as simple and convenient as possible.

Afrikan Republic is made for you. If there is anything that you are wanting that you don't see here; or if there is anything else that you ever need help with contact us any time at all.

Afrikan Republic
240 S Main St. Unit A
South Hackensack, NJ 07606