5 Reasons You Should Try Babassu Oil


Babassu oil is one of the new natural oils on the scene - not as famous or as well-known as virgin coconut oil, but rapidly becoming more popular. What is this oil? Why is it so great? Let's find out!

What is Babassu oil?

Babassu oil comes from the fruit of the Babassu palm trees native to South America. Women from South America, known as 'Babassu breakers' gather the shells, crack them open with axes or wooden clubs, and extract the kernels inside to produce the oil. Babassu oil has recently become highly sought after as the skin care industry has realized its benefits.

What makes Babassu oil so great?

Reason #1 - 50% of babassu oil's composition is made up of lauric acid, which makes it very easily absorbed into the skin. Lauric acid is naturally anti-microbial which makes it great for fighting acne.

Reason #2 - The lauric acid and high vitamin E content of Babassu oil helps to moisturize the skin and reduce itching or irritation.

Reason #3 - Babassu oil can be used as a cooking oil! It is much healthier than most other cooking oils, and its high lauric acid content means that it can help with weight loss and possibly lowering cholesterol levels. It works much in the same way that virgin coconut oil does, as both have such a high lauric acid content.

Reason #4 - Babassu oil is rich in phytosterols. Phytosterols help to lower cholesterol, and they also can be used on your skin to reduce signs of aging and wrinkling.

Reason #5 - You can use Babassu oil as a hot oil treatment for your hair - it softens and nourishes the hair, repairing split ends and making it stronger.

Where can I find Babassu oil?

We sell Babassu oil in a 4 oz. jar here. You can also find it at select health food stores, though it's a little harder to find in the US right now. This is a newer oil to the US , so it isn't as widely carried as something like virgin coconut oil.