Black History Month is for Kids Too!

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February is nearly here and many of us are looking for ways to incorporate the entire family into the fun! Black History Month can be a great time to teach your children about the civil rights heroes that came before. It can also be a wonderful time to let them experience some of their African heritage by wearing African garments or jewelry. Here are some great ways you can include your kids in the fun!

1. Wear Dashikis As a Family

African dashikis can be worn by the entire family and they can be a great way to introduce your child to some of the history of civil rights.

In the 1960s, a time where African American cultural and political struggles were at an all time high,dashikis became popular among men and women who wanted to show their independence from Western culture. At a time when the acceptable fashion was conservative, neatly tucked shirts, the bright, bold colorful shirts, worn un-tucked, were a way for people to show pride in their African heritage.

2. Have an African Music Celebration!

Celebrate African culture and music with these affordable hand-made tic-toc drums! Each one is hand-crafted in Kenya. You can also find a variety of other African musical instruments here

3. Cook Some Delicious African Food!

There are over thirty different delicious African recipes online here.

4. Find 28 Ways to Celebrate with Scholastic!

The Scholastic web site offers 28 ideas of how to celebrate Black History Month, including crafts, recipes, stories, and songs. Click here to see them!

5. Go to a Black History Month Festival or Event!

Doing a quick Google search of Black History Month festivals or parades in your city will often lead to results!
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