Destroy a Cold with This Powerful Essential Oil Blend


Cold season is nearly upon us, and you may already be suffering from the effects. One of the best preventative measures you can take is to keep bacteria at bay and strengthen your immune system. If you’re already suffering from a cold, one of the best things you can do is keep yourself clear from congestion and fight away the cold-causing bacteria that’s making you sniffle, sneeze, and cough.

Essential oils are a safe, non-invasive way to keep colds at a bay. But don’t take our word for it! Let’s look at the all the facts about how Cold Combat can help you!

Orange essential oil and basil essential oil are both antibacterial and work to destroy flu and cold causing germs. Cold Combat blend contains both of these essential oils, and diffusing the oil in your home, or adding it to your cleaning supplies, will help to keep germs and harmful bacteria at bay.

The basil and ginger grass essential oils in Cold Combat help to open up the nasal passageways and clear out congestion in the sinuses and throat. Diffusing Cold Combat in your home can help you to breathe easier almost instantly. You can also pour a few drops of Cold Combat into a steaming pot of hot water, lean over the steam and cover your head with a towel. Inhale the steam for a few minutes to release congestion, reduce inflammation, and breathe more easily.

The fir needle essential oil in Cold Combat helps to loosen and release mucous from your membranes, throat, and nose. It can also reduce inflammation in the throat and bronchial tubes. To get the best effects, diffuse Cold Combat throughout your home, or massage some of the oil mixed with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil or olive oil, onto your chest, neck, and temples.

Juniper berry essential oil is another ingredient in Cold Combat blend. It provides a fresh, herbaceous scent and also helps to relieve muscle aches and anxiety. Often sickness can make us feel achy and down, so massaging a few drops of cold combat onto your temples and chest can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Where Can I Find Cold Combat?

Cold Combat is available at the Afrikan Republic web site here. We hope you’ll enjoy a healthier, sniffle-free cold season with its help!